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Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

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Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Jets QB Reportedly Dating

Has the Tim Tebow girlfriend watch come to an end?

According to TMZ, it has. Per the site’s report, Tebow’s new girlfriend is actress Camilla Belle and the two were "overly affectionate" on Tuesday night at Latitude 30, a luxury entertainment venue in Jacksonville, Fla. Citing sources close to
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet Camilla, TMZ reports that the two are "an item."

If true, Belle must have met all of the qualities the Jets’ backup quarterback described to Vogue senior features editor Taylor Antrim about his ideal girlfriend.

"Obviously looks play a big part. Being attracted to someone plays a big part, but there’s also so much more than that for me," Tebow said in the
discount Michael Kors interview back in September. "It’s about finding someone
Michael kors handbags outlet sweet and kind and that has a servant’s heart. It’s about finding a girl who likes me for me, and not
cheap michael kors because of what I do or who I am or the name."

Although the reports are unconfirmed, it would cross off a long list of A list celebrities to be linked to Tebow.

Back in March,
michael kors handbags outlet singer Taylor Swift and actress Dianna Agron were linked to the 25 year old devout Christian,
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet but nothing came of it.

Just a few months later, Tebow’s
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet Jets teammates tried to set him up with Olympic hurdler turned bobsledder Lolo Jones. But as Jets center Nick Mangold took the lead in bringing the two virgin athletes together, Jones tweeted that Tebow had a secret girlfriend.Articles
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Monday, June 22nd, 2015

5 World Changing Decisions Made for Ridiculous Reasons

Rome wasn’t built by accident, and Hitler didn’t decide to invade Poland on the flip of a coin. Society is shaped by powerful men with a vision, for better or worse.

Well, mostly. As it turns out, some of the most important changes in pop culture and world history have turned on some guy shrugging and saying, "screw it."

Everyone knows the Pilgrims settled in Plymouth because they were searching for a place that would let them practice religious freedom (and that wasn’t the Netherlands). What’s stupid or arbitrary about that?

Actually, it was about beer. The pilgrims weren’t even supposed to go to Massachusetts, they were set to settle in what is now the state of New York, at the mouth of the Hudson River. That was the plan all along, and that’s where they would have landed if they hadn’t run out of beer.

"It’s not beer, it’s just a rock!"

The more standard story is that the bad weather made
cheap Michael Kors navigation almost impossible and people were getting sick, so they had to stop somewhere. They began searching for a suitable place to settle. However, it
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet was the fact that they were running out of provisions especially beer that finally made them realize they couldn’t be picky. And as anyone who’s lived in New England can tell you, the only way you can voluntarily choose to settle there is if you’re not picky about climate, or really anything else.

"We could not take time for further search or consideration,

our victuals being much spent, especially our beer" The First Goddamn Americans (1622)

Since beer was boiled, it was cleaner than what passed for regular water at the time and therefore safer to drink (especially during long trips). So, if the beer in the Mayflower hadn’t been running low at the time they were passing near Plymouth, they almost definitely would have continued their trip further down south, as close to the Hudson River as they could make it.

Of course, once they had settled on land and found perfectly drinkable water there, they didn’t really need beer.

As did their obsession with beer.

The Pilgrims are responsible for much of American folklore, starting with Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, if the Pilgrims had run out of beer anywhere besides Plymouth, there’s a good chance they would have been screwed. The Native Americans they happened to befriend (Pilgrim for "stealing their corn") at Plymouth had a guy who spoke English, and were friendly enough to teach them how to survive in that area. Without that stroke of good luck, the Colony doesn’t survive that first winter.

In other words, if the murmurs of "keg’s tapped" and "this party’s lame" had started a few miles down the coast, none of us would be here right now.

4. Woody Allen Reinvents Cinema By Accident

The film Annie Hall didn’t just transform Woody Allen’s career: It transformed the world of cinema by reinventing the romantic comedy genre and using a widely imitated style of non linear narrative (we’re looking at you, Tarantino). It also transformed Star Wars fans into raging maniacs by getting the Best Picture Oscar instead of Episode IV.

With Annie Hall, Woody Allen made a conscious decision to leave
fake Michael Kors behind the wacky genre spoofs he was known for and become a respected filmmaker.

Well, actually, Annie Hall was supposed to be a wacky genre spoof, too. In fact, it was even shot that way. The story was conceived as a murder mystery that happened to have a romantic subplot, but upon viewing the four hours of footage, the editor thought it sucked.

That’s right, it was the editor, not Woody Allen, who decided to change the whole thing. The guy convinced Allen to scrap the entire murder mystery plot and focus on the romantic aspect instead. Suddenly Diane Keaton’s character went from a quirky supporting player (similar to her role in Woody’s previous films) to the most important part of the film.

But hold
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet on a second, you can’t just cut the main plot out of a film, can you? Wouldn’t that
Michael kors handbags outlet leave the story a little disjointed? Sure it did, which accounts for the influential non linear narrative we were talking
Michael Kors discounts about earlier. Romantic comedies had been practically non existent in Hollywood since the early 60s. Like musicals, they were deemed too silly for modern audiences. Annie Hall accidentally made them cool again. There was enough neurosis left over from the murder mystery spoof, and since Allen didn’t know he was making a romantic comedy, the guy didn’t get the girl in the end, which was the guaranteed outcome in romantic comedies up to that point. The basic formula of Annie Hall was ripped off by When Harry Met Sally, and then When Harry Met Sally was ripped off by every single romantic
Michael Kors handbags comedy made since then.

Then there’s the non linear thing. No mainstream film was so blatantly disjointed as Annie Hall, and the fact that it did so well proved that wide audiences could go for a thing like that. Modern films like Memento, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, (500) Days of Summer and Everything Tarantino Has Ever Done only exist because Woody Allen shot a film that was too terrible to edit.

3. A Change of Underwear Changes Music

In 1959, Rock ‘n’ Roll pioneer Buddy Holly boarded a plane with popular musicians Ritchie Valens and JP "The Big Bopper" Richardson. If you’ve heard the song "American Pie" you know what happened next: the plane climbs high into the night, Satan begins laughing with delight, nobody takes this to be a red flag because the 50s were a more innocent time, the plane crashes, music dies.

The events leading up
cheap Michael Kors to the accident that killed three of the earliest pioneers in rock stardom are full of coincidences, misfortunes and last minute changes; but everything can be traced back to Buddy Holly’s hard on for clean underwear.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Spreckels mansion owner described as go

Share PhotoA staircase in the Spreckels mansion is seen in 2006. Current owner Jonah Shacknai bought the historic home in 2007. The home, which is 103 years old, is a state designated historic landmark.

wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet Neuman / U T

Before Jonah Shacknai became known last week as the owner of
Michael kors handbags outlet a Coronado mansion linked to a lurid death, he made a name for himself as the founder of a business built on vanity.

His Arizona company, Medicis Pharmaceuticals Corp., last year raked in $700 million in net revenue selling anti aging gels and other cosmetic drugs, including Restylane and Dysport, a popular alternative to Botox.

And the 54 year old CEO has been seen by many as a whip smart and relentless promoter so relentless that he reportedly calls about 1,500 dermatology customers each year on their birthdays.

Then the Wednesday discovery at his historic, beachfront spread opened an unsettling window into his personal life. The nude body of his girlfriend, 32 year old Rebecca M.
fake Michael kors handbags outlet Zahau, was found dangling by the neck from the rear balcony of the Spreckels mansion on Ocean Boulevard. Her wrists and ankles were bound.

Michael Kors handbags outlet arrests have been made or suspects identified. Sheriff’s investigators said Shacknai was not home when the body was found, but would not say where he was.

The incident has spurred questions about Zahau; Shacknai’s brother, Adam, who discovered the body; and Shacknai’s 6 year old son, Max, who was hospitalized after suffering a serious fall at the home Monday. The boy’s condition was unclear as of Saturday night.

Zahau’s death also has sparked intense curiosity about
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet Shacknai, the twice married, twice divorced multimillionaire who has relished his role as a leader in the $6 billion dollar a year cosmetic drug industry.

"Jonah is very much the blood that runs through Medicis," said Gary Nachman, a Wall Street analyst with the Susquehanna International Group. "They are a very meaningful player in the dermatology market."

What impact will the mansion death have on Shacknai’s business?

"That’s the billion dollar question right now," Nachman said.

He and others believe the answer hinges in part on what role, if any, Shacknai played in the incident.

Like many people with influence and money, Shacknai
michael kors handbags outlet a broad shouldered, smooth faced, square jawed figure has managed to collect both friends and enemies over the years. Within Arizona’s business scene, he is widely seen as a go getter.

"He’s very active and very engaged," said Joan Koerber Walker, president and CEO of the Arizona BioIndustry Association. "He’s considered one of the community’s leaders."

He is also known for his charity, including his work with a ranch that helps children with special needs. He has two teenage children, in addition to Max.

In Coronado, however, some see him as a tenacious man seemingly bent on skirting rules governing his 103 year old house, a state designated
Michael Kors handbags landmark.

When Shacknai in 2007 bought the John D. Spreckels mansion, built by one of San Diego’s first tycoons, he agreed to not make major changes to it, according to historic preservation officials. In exchange, Coronado granted him a substantial, long term
cheap michael kors reduction in property taxes, as allowed under the state’s Mills Act.

He moved to modify the house anyway, seeking city permission for several projects such as replacing a set of windows with French doors and adding a hydraulic roof over part of the structure. Some minor changes got the go ahead.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Monday, June 22nd, 2015

7 Pitfalls of Using Email to Sell

Sad but true, these days most people who sell for a living spend 80% of their time trying to communicate with prospects via e mail instead of actually picking up the phone and speaking with them. The sheer negative force of anticipating rejection makes people turn to e mail to generate new prospect relationships because it hurts less to not get a reply than to hear that verbal "no."

Getting blocked by gatekeepers andvoicemail. When salespeople don
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses know how to break through the barriers of gatekeepers and voicemail, they start thinking, "Forget it it not worth the aggravation, and it takes too much energy. I just e mail instead."

However, when you try to use e mail to offer your product or service to someone who doesn know you, you can possibly establish the natural dialogue between two people that allows the trust level to reach the level necessary for a healthy, long term relationship.

We all know how much everyone hates e mail spam, but even so, many salespeople are still sending introductory e mails to decisionmakers. They feel that, because they from a credible organization, they won be associated with the negative image of a spam solicitor.

However, these introductory e mails typically contain the traditional three part sales pitch the introduction,
fake oakley sunglasses cheap a mini presentation about the products and services being offered, and a call to action and this traditional selling approach instantly tells the recipient of the e mail that your o goal is to sell
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale your product or service so you can attain your goals, andnot theirs.

If you still using email to sell, watch out for these 7 pitfalls:

1. Avoidsales pitches. If you feel you must use e mail to start a new relationship, make your message about issues and problems that you believe your prospects are having, but d o say anything to indicate
fake oakleys that you assuming that both of you are a match.

2. Stop thinking that e mail is the best way to get to decisionmakers. Traditional selling has become so ineffective that salespeople have run out of options for creating conversation, both over the phone and in person. However, it best to view e mail as a backup option o not as a way to create new relationships. Try to use it primarily for sending information and documents after you developeda relationship with a prospect.

3. Remove your company name from the subject line. Whenever you put your company and solution first, you create the impression that you can wait to
fake cheap oakleys give a presentation about your product and services. Your subject line shouldbe a humble reference to issues that you may be able to help prospects solve.

4. Stop conditioning your prospects to hide behinde mail. When you e mail prospects, it easy for them to avoid you by not responding. Also, they get used to never picking up the phone and having a conversation with you and they may want to avoid you because they afraid that, if they show interest in what you have to offer, you try to close them. This creates sales pressure the root of all selling woes. This avoidance becomes a vicious circle. If you learn to create pressure free conversations, you find that you start getting phone calls from prospects who aren afraidto call you.

5. Avoid using e mail as a crutch for handling sticky sales situations. Are prospects not calling you back?
cheap oakley sunglasses Many salespeople who call me for coaching ask how they can get themselves out of sticky situations with prospects but the e mails they sent have already triggered those prospects to retreat. It
oakleys sunglasses tricky to come up with the correct softening language in an e mail that will re open a conversation with a prospect who has decided to close off communication direct, person to person phone calls or meetings are much easier andmore human.

6. Avoid using "I" and"we." When you start an introductory e mail with "I" or "we," you immediately give the impression that you care o about selling your solution, rather than being open to a conversation that may or may not lead to a mutually beneficial match between what you have to offer andthe issues your prospect may be trying to solve. If you can change your sales language to a natural conversation, your prospect will be less likely to stereotype your message as a spam solicitation.7. If you can, stop using e mail selling altogether. There is a way to renew your confidence and eliminate your reluctance to picking up the phone and have pleasant conversations with potential prospects. Learn a completely new way of working with gatekeepers that will get you past voicemail and to your decisionmakers
fake cheap oakleys without the rejection and frustration that are inevitable with traditional selling approaches.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

Cars that Drive Themselves

Friday, June 28th, 2013

This is a Nissan Leaf; but not just any Nissan Leaf. Nissan has joined with engineers from MIT, Stanford, Oxford and other prestigious institutions to outfit some Leaf models with Autonomous Drive. Similar to the Google Driverless Car, road tested in 2012, the car will be able to take passengers from point A to point B without any interaction

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whatsoever from the driver. Scary thought.

Nissan claims to be able to bring this technology to consumers at an affordable price before 2020; but before that, laws will have to be passed allowing cars with no drivers on the road and road rules have to be rewritten as they all make the assumption that there is a driver behind the wheel. Only three states in the U.S. have passed laws allowing driverless vehicles on the road, with a couple of minor regulations.

Google is currently in talks with various manufacturers to set a plan into motion involving taxi cars that drive themselves. Google has already put $258 million into a taxi hailing mobile application called Uber, so it is likely that these new robo-taxis will be linked to the application itself. Google’s current design for the self-driving car costs $150,000 per car, so this new taxi service might cost a pretty penny; but if Nissan claims to be able to create affordable self-driving cars, maybe Google can step in on this deal too.

Lexus’ final LFA and the end of a dream

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

According to a recent article on Top; Lexus’ final LFA is a white Nurburgring package. Number 500 of 500. The last of an exquisite and expensive breed. Also noted in the article, Lexus was hand producing each and every single one of these supercars by hand; one per day by a team of 175 skilled craftsmen.

My dream car as a kid was always the 4th generation Supra. Twin turbo, six speed, hardtop. I remember ages ago when the first few spyshots of the LFA were released, incorrectly identified as the next generation Supra. I was ecstatic. The car looked amazing and completely fooled everyone into thinking it was definitely a fifth generation Supra; despite still being under the shrinkwrap or whatever it was to keep it semi-hidden from prying eyes. Fast forward to years later and I see Lexus unveiling the LFA at a price point I could only dream to afford. Fast forward to today and now even if I could afford it, I can’t buy one off the line.

It’s not fast or terribly groundbreaking, but there’s something about it that I like. Hopefully, now that Toyota has announced an actual Supra possibly being in the works, they’ll bring something over in line with a fifth generation Supra with a price point somewhere between a Pinto and, well, a house. Preferably closer to the Pinto side of the spectrum.

Playing to win… can it go too far?

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

So recent news (article on here) popped up about a high school girls’ basketball game (Bloomington South v. Arlington in Indiana) ending in 107 – 2 for Bloomington South. The coach of Bloomington South was then fired after a forced public apology for not “showing any compassion or empathy” and for “running up the score”.

First things first, it’s a high school game, so there are possible scholarships on the line here. To suddenly start sandbagging the opposition by playing at a less-than-usual level kind of hurts your statistics. Second, athletes are athletes, they’re always in it to win it and definitely always looking to perform better than they’ve ever done before. To ask them to suddenly hold off because their competition wasn’t up to snuff is like asking an F1 driver to slow down cause he’s already lapped everyone twice.

And that, asking a race car driver to slow down in favor of letting the opposition catch up, never happens. Why? Because racing is a sport about lap times. Most people aren’t in it to beat everyone else (although it does bring in the money); they’re in it to beat their personal best, to constantly achieve more.

Some would say that to intentionally perform worse would be a sign of disrespect towards your competition, not being “compassionate” or “empathetic”. The feeling of not even being worthy of your opponent’s best performance is much worse than to try your best and still fail.

Give the coach his job back. You wouldn’t fire a driver’s assistant for giving him vital information (which could then lead to dominating a race), would you?

Why you should change your oil often

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Besides preventing your engine from seizing up, how much do oil changes actually benefit you? As it turns out, regular oil changes can save you time and money in more than one way.

Improved Gas Mileage

Engine oil provides lubrication to the moving parts in your engine. Over time, the oil becomes gummy, sludgy, and causes more friction between moving parts. Because of this, the engine has to work harder and burn more fuel than it did before. Giving your engine clean, slick oil will allow its parts to move as easily as possible, and allow you to make fewer trips to the pump.

Longer Engine Life

Without the lubrication that new, clean oil provides, friction between moving parts in your engine will eventually cause you problems that are much more expensive than a simple oil change. By changing oil regularly, you’re maximizing your engine’s life span and saving yourself money in the future.

Preventive Car Care

Don’t overlook the benefit of simply having a mechanic’s eyes on your car when you bring it in for an oil change. Even though you’re only getting an oil change, trained technicians can easily spot leaks or other problems while your car is in the shop. Think of it like a regular check-up at the dentist – they identify and fix potential problems before they get worse.

The Autohaus Edge

Why get your oil changed at the Haus? We’re cheaper than the dealer, our services are warranty approved, and our technicians are all factory trained. Don’t forget this list of extra perks included with your oil change at no extra cost:

  • 6 months free roadside assistance
    • Includes 3 tows worth up to $100 each, and a free unlock
    • Limited internally lubricated component warranty*
    • Free quality control check (brakes, tires and fluids)

Call us now at 604 – 638 – 7000 to book your next oil change!

*Only valid up to 120,000 kms

-Written by Marco@Autohaus