VIDEO: evo Diaries Drives Pagani Zonda 760RS

Zonda has very apparently been commissioned to build one-of cars for a number of very cool customers; the 760RS, a Zonda with a 760hp engine and from what seems to be in the video, a carbon exterior and interior. The car cost the buyer a hefty 1.6 million Euros, so roughly 2.1 million Canadian dollars and you can have your own custom 760HP Zonda!

So what does all this money buy you? Well, to start, it’s a 760HP Zonda. It’s got some nice aerodynamic redesigning going on with the new rear fin running down the center of the car and of course, more carbon fiber.

Also according to the video, fans Formula One racing might like to know that there is already another person next in line for one of these 760 Zondas, but this edition will be named the 760LH, ‘LH’ being the initials of the owner, whom of which is known for his feats in F1. I’m thinking Lewis Hamilton.