WFTV news catches parking lot owner taking joyrides

Having some miles added onto your car is sort of expected when taking it to a long-term parking service

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or a business offering valet service, but you certainly don’t expect someone to go as far as adding 61 miles onto the car in a single day, which is what one parking business owner in Cocoa, Florida did.

Parking lot owner caught taking Corvette for joyride

photo courtesy of WFTV news

According to the news report, WFTV reporter Jeff Deal had rented a Corvette and handed it over to the man in question after wiring it up with GPS and cameras to see if previous accusations of the parking business ‘Premier Parking Spot’ were true. They followed him on the ground and in the air as he went about the day, even taking one of his employees along with him on the joyride. Hit the full report on WFTV’s website for all the details and more photos of this guy in their car.